The plans we make…the life we live…what life shall we have?

Published January 3, 2014 by CarolineNgugi

I sat one Sunday in church on the 3rd pew listening to a sermon that forever changed my life. I love stories so any speaker who shares a story truly speaks to my soul. The analogy shared was as follows;

Once there was a rich man who had 3 servants, he travelled and came back with gifts for his household however he forgot to get a gift for one of his servant who was deemed very ‘stupid’. Once the master got to the 3rd servant, he said, “I am sorry I forgot to bring you something nonetheless I will give you this gold ring of mine and the day you meet someone who is more stupid that you are you can pass the ring to them.”  Years passed and the master got sick and he knew he would die sooner or later and he started bidding farewell to everyone in his household including his servants…he came to his most ‘stupid’ servant and told him, “Your master is going on a long journey and he is not returning thus I am bidding you farewell.” The ‘stupid’ servant listened and got inquisitive and asked….“My master, you are a wise and wealthy man…have you prepared yourself for this journey now that you will not be coming back?” The master was perturbed by the display of ‘stupidity’ that this servant displayed…asking…Who prepares for this journey? The servants reply was one that shocked many, “How is it my master who is wise not preparing for a journey that he is aware he is making in the future? Some years ago, master you gave me a gold ring which you told me to pass it along to someone who was more stupid than I am…so master here have your ring as I believe you are more stupid than I am for not making plans for your long journey which you know awaits you.”

If you know me you know I dearly plan my life…as my friends love to call it scheduling is my portion….like any other person I have plans for how to generate more money, progress in my career, to get married at some point, progress my education etc. Our lives are filled with a plan which is great as we always look for better days; a better life and more happiness thus chase things that seem to bring us closer to our end goal. However, this is not the complete picture when you critically think about it, all those plans you have are for life in this world touching on material things and self gratification……what about eternity? Have you made any plans for eternity…on average it is said that the life expectancy in Kenya as per 2013 was at less than 60 years of age…so if you live to 60 years your life is planned out pretty well and you could be living your dreams in terms of material possessions..…but what happens when you die….have you made plans for life after death…ETERNITY?

This analogy struck me……as despite the lack in wealth as the rich man… in my youth, I lived his life chasing dreams to get rich and be better but didn’t make any plans for my long journey of eternity. This sermon changed my life as I previously had many plans on my life on earth and missed the big picture planning for ETERNITY… I had a believe is my own abilities…self-believe….I knew that my life’s breath depended on God however he was a side show in my life…a pity party worries deposit bank whom I went to when in trouble or when I needed him to do something for me…the subject of death was a future tense in my brain that occurs to others….but what if it happened to me? I would have surely gone to a Christ-less grave…my parents faith was not enough for my eternal life back up plan….going to church every Sunday was also not enough for this journey. This realization shook me and despite making my earthly plans on what I wanted to achieve I resolved to make an eternal life plan….to journey with Christ by having an intimate relationship with him not merely ascribing to religious doctrines….these will not make you have an eternal life. 2014 marks my third year on this journey and it has had its challenges however I am stronger each day and much happier than I was before…I am no longer afraid of death as I was before…I keep saying when my day and time comes…I pray the Lord that I shall bravely embrace it and I shall be ready to go and be with my saviour as truly my soul will have found eternal rest.

I challenge you who has take time to read this story to make plans for eternity as much as you make plans for your earthly life….your parents faith will never be enough, your church believes and attendance will not count. Today is a privileged gift that you have from God your creator…tomorrow you are not guaranteed that you will have the life you have as the breath of life we have is from God and he knows best when your soul will be required….make a resolve to plan for this long journey that is looming for each of us…eventually we will all take it so make a choice to be ready when your turn comes.

He missed the Mark…..

Published January 21, 2013 by CarolineNgugi

Been meaning to blog this matter over the past 6 months; my friends kept reminding me and my answer over the months has been, “coming soon” soon is here ladies and gentlemen.

Who missed the mark?….How?….Why….and….what was this mark?….Is Mark some hunk gentleman? Possibly all of that could apply here, however this is an illustration of how many good gentlemen miss the mark when it comes to women they claim to love…like and want to be with. It is a collection of stories from my personal life, those of my friends both male and female and it seems like a never-ending circus where the good guy can’t make it to be the great guy in the ladies life. A good guy is one who makes it to a friend’s list since he’s nice to have, to talk to, he is caring……in short he’s been friend zoned whilst a great guy is a ladies MUST HAVE possessing the characters of the good guy but he has an edge by making quite an impression to the lady in question thus becomes boyfriend/ fiance or husband if he goes all out whoop whoop!!!

Upon evaluating the good guy; he could be all the lady would want in a man but he continuously keeps missing the mark and unfortunately he doesn’t redeem himself by doing the following:

  1. He’s profusely inconsistent…….mmmh the guys who keep popping in and out of your life (some of your/his friends think they are your boyfriend, you know he is not)……whirl wind dates with a lady for months and then they take off……keep quiet for a month (s)/weeks……then come back do the same thing over and over. Fortunately one day it dawns to the lady that it’s a perpetual issue; she let’s go puts her foot down and finally she move on with her life minus the guy…sigh!! Funny thing often times months after she writes off this guy she’s dating another guy and the so-called good guy wonders….…what happened? I thought she was into me…blah blah…eeh yes she was all that and you had a shot….but your inconsistency  brother…..she couldn’t take it so for sanity purposes she moved since she couldn’t deal with your sporadic ‘pop up’ moments.
  2. His word and actions are conflicting as from daylight to the darkest night….ever heard these guys who go telling your friends how much they love you…how much you mean to them? Okay that’s cute of him well let’s see if he’s man enough to say the same to YOU….….this deserves a big yawn as it kills the essence of it being heartfelt. My friends and I always make a joke about it, “Now that he’s told you this, I hope he knows he can’t get me by sharing such heartfelt vibe to you!!” This the same guy who shares such ‘news’ and goes under for months or weeks….seriously you got to be kidding me that anyone will take you seriously….back to 1…INCONSISTENT!! The second breed of this man are those with the nerve of telling you verbally…..hehehe then guess what happens next to this princess who is in cloud 9…she is called….texted once a week..…. Wow so much for missing someone and sharing this love cake….should we presume hard economic times? Now that would be the joke of the century with so many platforms to communicate that are FREE!!! One of my friends asked a guy darting her…why the silence after some serious fungua roho moments and his reply was classic, “My dear you know I mean everything I say to you, just been busy in the recent weeks thus the inconsistent communication.” That’s so original and from the heart…my reply to my friend was, “Wow he’s too busy to reply your text…that takes a few seconds and bearing in mind he has 24 hours in a day he must be awfully busy to reply a text….take a minute to call you to profess this so-called love!!!” I reminded her even on our busiest work days we pick our folks calls or return calls within 12 hours and reply our friends texts before going to bed or a day later so for a man to say how busy he has been is such a lame excuse that no woman should buy EVER…unless you want to make excuses for him which doesn’t help you.

I could go on and on but let’s leave it at those two most crucial points that are missed; they are many other issues however these two makes a man land in the good nice to have guy friend or a great must have boyfriend  who can make it to fiance and definitely a husband. A great guy wins his lady’s heart and doesn’t get friend zoned because of his consistency and acting equally if not more than what he says…in short he is a man of action and truly that validates the famous Kenyan statement…’mwanaume ni effort’.

Next time you ask your sister, cousin, friend why she is single yet you know of some good male friends of hers that you believe could make good boyfriends/ fiance  husbands…most possibly they are merely nice to have…..good guys whom she’s not willing to settle for or tolerate their inconsistency to save herself from a heartache thus she opts to wait for a great guy….let’s hope more of the latter pop up and my female friends will be the happiest……our parents too…in short the society will be happier…….if not, all hope is not lost as some good guys realize where they messed up and step up to be great to some lady someday hopefully….after losing quite some shots with a really great women they adorned.

Participation versus Commitment; Chicken & Pig Tale

Published July 24, 2012 by CarolineNgugi

There was a pig and chicken in a farm-house and the chicken saw a bill board written ‘Ham & Eggs Bonanza’ and the chicken said to the pig, “Hey Mr. Pig, you see that bill board it seems we are participating in the Ham & Eggs bonanza.” The pigs reply was, “Chicken you see you are participating on the bonanza since you merely have to lay eggs and your life continues whereas I am committing to the bonanza since I have to be slaughtered for there to be ham.”

This analogy got me thinking of how many times I have been a chicken and how many other people live the life of a chicken by participating in life as opposed to being a pig and committing to situations by giving your all.

Participating is allied to people watching from afar and even at times getting involved but not giving their all which means that they are not fully enjoying the process thus don’t get full returns. You oftentimes cheer others on as they labour on by giving their all, you take part in activities but still don’t give your all meaning  you are living like a chicken. The participation attitude can be seen in grumpy people who hate what they do and always complain yet they don’t want to make a change rather watch others from the sidelines and jeer at times. It is an attitude so rampant at our work places, in homes, in friendships and in relationships where one foot is inside whereas the foot is outside as you just don’t want to give your all because you expect others to do it and simply see it as someone else’s issue not your own. The participating attitude is propelled by negative what if’s that linger at the back of our brains…..What if it doesn’t work, What if I am not recognized, What if I fail?….hey the result will be that; your are wiser and have gone through a learning lesson. What if you don’t do it and stand on the sideline?….you lose a learning lesson and a possible success story!!!

Commitment is related to people whom give their all to situations and what they take part in, they push with all their might and knowledge to see that what they sign up for is a success. They have a die-hard trying attitude and just don’t do things for the show or to merely be part of;  they rather do something to get it done and in the best way they know how. These people have a selfless heart and an open mind to conquer what comes their way for they are optimistic even before they see the outcome and even if it doesn’t work out they have no what if’s as they are a happy knowing they gave their all and learnt a lesson or two.

The moral of the analogy is simply to choose to be more of a pig and commit as opposed to a chicken who participates in situations and just watches life pass by. The reality is the what if’s that prevent you from committing could be costing you a lifetime of success and happiness in your career, family life or a relationship. Don’t keep asking what if it doesn’t work… ask what if it works and step up to the challenge and commit.

Life has taught me what you give out comes back to you somehow; so be it work, home, friendship or relationship be that ray of light with a pigs attitude of commitment and cease standing on the sidelines. Live to your full potential by giving what you do your all and the outcome will be greater results, a series of smiles and exceeding happiness since you be giving your best which is what counts at the end of the day.

Step up today and live on the edge; if tomorrow never comes you will have lived today :-).




 Memoirs that make hitting the Quarter Century Age Worthwhile.

Published April 2, 2012 by CarolineNgugi

I am really happy; firstly very grateful to God for granting me a wonderful chance to be alive, another day to enjoy the sun, constantly smile randomly when I can :-) :-), a chance to have  a hearty laugh remembering a silly incident or a funny joke and a day to share love with my family and friends. No matter how gloomy it could be……there are so many reasons to be happy and full of cheer thus I can’t afford to take anything for granted. There is so much that has happened in my life and I choose to share the dearest moments that make me smile; a reminder me of how young at heart I am:

  1. A wonderful family support system; I am very free-spirited and I can’t recall of a time that I pitched an idea on what I wanted to do with my life and my siblings or my parents said no out-rightly… matter how outrageous it may have sounded they always listen and most of the times support me through my plans. For this and more I couldn’t ask from more from my immediate family; mum, dad, my brother Eric, sisters’ Ann & Janet you’re the strongest pillars I have had and I treasure each moment I have shared with each one of you and collectively as a family through the happy and rocky moments and I look forward to many more.
  2. My  school days; I candidly remember my first day in class one how fun it was to be out of nursery school and how terribly I failed that school term like most of the kids in my class as our teacher never taught us so I had  a whole term of playing in school instead of reading. My parents and the rest of my family went on panic mode…long story of being tutored by my grandfather a retired teacher and the school situation was saved by parents advocating for a change in our teacher which dramatically resulted to a great improvement on my grades. I remember my 1st day in boarding school at 9 years and how eager how I ended up loathing it causing a switch to another boarding school and eventually going to high school. Being in boarding school at such an early age cultivated a culture of independence in me though I thoroughly missed being home. Campus was just a new ball game all together I can’t forget my first day-my last day…the nostalgic graduation and the life while in campus…random parties, interesting lunch time conversations with my friends, the cold library and the few meaningful friendships created during this period that stand to-date .
  3. Falling in love; some years ago I have the chance to fall terribly in love and lost at it. It was a great eye-opener as I got to learn so much about myself from the point of view of thinking; having to fit someone else to my mind/schedule before acting and making plans since my decisions did impact them (it can be really hard for any last born as our brains just factor..…me thoughts a lot of times). It was hard being vulnerable to another human being but I learnt it is okay if it’s within an environment built on trust. Well despite no happy ending to my love story as in my movies and novels it one of those things that made me really grow up so much emotionally and just have a different mindset to relationships and friendships. I am all smiles looking back as I forge my way forward and gear to the future.
  4. The gift of genuine friendships; this has been a two-way street and over the years some friendships have been outlived by varying situations in our lives; some friends moved away to different geographical locations we lost touch, some cut ties because of their boy/girlfriends and for some we just grew apart and have nothing in common anymore. I have come over time to realize at each phase of my life I have had genuine friends who stood by me through thick and thin and those friendships that have stood the test of time have been those forged on honesty, being accommodative and having a flexible open mind. My friends have taught me to be selfless and once in a while go out of my way to make someone happy. There are friends I haven’t talked to in months/years but when I pick up the phone or when we meet it’s like we never stopped talking and we connect so well. I am greatly humbled by my friends and those close to my heart great thanks for constantly making me smile and keeping me afloat despite the rocky times as the different tides in life made the boat unsteady; I would have sunk in the dark moments without you :-).
  5. Travelling is something that with time I have developed a passion for as I have a keen interest for sight-seeing, experimenting new foods and learning about new cultures. I remember of some family trips we made when I was young and how I narrated to my friends from school of my holiday escapades. Well in my grown-up life I had the chance to go a bit further and travel more and I loved each bit of it. From having over 8 hours lay-overs in airports, missing my plane a number of times, to 24 hours road trips how can I not love fall in love with travelling? Motivated partly by love for adventure, positive peer pressure and my love for AIESEC I thoroughly enjoyed each moment of my travels, shopping for souvenirs and those memories are all engraved in my mind forever.  Looking forward to more travel and adventure in future.
  6. Work; I had the opportunity to work and led a multicultural team of 54 young people from 33 countries 2010-2011 and it was a great moment for me to learn about myself as an individual, how I work in a team, how I lead and many other learning lessons on the social front from diverse cultural matters to merely their perception on different world issues. Having worked with AIESEC (a global organization for university students and recent graduates) focusing on developing responsible youth leadership for a number of years my highlight was working on the 63rd International Congress; an annual congregation for 600 youth leaders from over 100 countries, over 200 AIESEC alumni and corporate leaders from 100 organizations globally who came to Kenya for the 1st time and in Africa for the 2nd time in 2011. The work was challenging beyond what I comprehended while doing my job application; it gave me great grounding and I am happy that this took up my two years after graduation. I doubt if I went to a corporate organization straight away I would have had the chance to;  work and led such a diverse team, had autonomy to come up with the project strategy, had control on management of a USD 625,000 budget and meet the country’s top  government and non-corporate/corporate leaders to make pitches….I doubt any organization would dare leave such fate to a 23-year-old but I am glad AIESEC did and it was a great two years accelerated growth period despite the lows of lows and the highs of laughter and joy beyond measure I had during my tenure.

As I hit the quarter century mark I am a happy young girl at heart entering womanhood with bright thoughts and expectations. I perceive everyday as a chance to have a new beginning. I know I am far from being perfect ; a piece of art progressively being  molded by situations that come my way. I have learnt that I can’t control what comes my way, how people treat me, how they perceive me or even who I work with but I get to choose how to react to what is thrown at me….I smile a lot and this calms me even when something is really wrong and I always try to see the best in every situation and everyone….I have the; ‘It could have been worse’ line always ticking in my brain which enables me to work thorough difficult moments and always keep my head up high. I am grateful to God for each breath of life I get and I try to make my time worthwhile doing my part and helping others whenever I can in whichever way I can.

I could go on and on but for this moment my happiness is beyond measure as I share these few words hoping to rub off the positive energy in my life and make you smile just for a moment forgetting what is not working out in your life. Live and love the moment; you will have no regrets :-).

Mind games a man will play :-).

Published February 15, 2012 by CarolineNgugi

Man#1; He said he will always love me…he wants to marry me and interestingly some years down the line he says the same…I have doubted if he truly means it at times as he doesn’t act it… the end of the day I would need reassurance by actions despite the sweet words. Some of my friends have always thought he’s genuine however he will probably never be with me as he thinks; since he missed the opportune moment to lock me in with the same words when all was shaky and I walked out….he says timing is everything and believes when the time is right he will get me to conquer with his words of us being together.

Man#2; He told my friends he loved me….he would want to date me….interestingly I thought he was genuine but couldn’t understand why he never told me the same. I now think he saw me as trophy to brag to his friends who wanted me but couldn’t have me yet he couldn’t commit to me however in his own special ways he had his moments of showing his affection and how much I meant to him. He probably thinks I feel as I said I felt during the high tides of being wooed and that I am still wrapped under his little finger and definitely would date him if he asked me to…..he observes from far and acts as he wishes more like an arm’s length business deal negotiation.

Man#3; He told me he would do anything for me, he even said he had made some critical life decisions with me in mind as he thought we had the prospect of a future together….he said I was too busy with work thus he went out of his way to see me and make me happy at my own convenience however got tired as he felt I never really appreciated his efforts. I did appreciate his efforts; it was really sweet but there was no clarity as to what he wanted with his life or with me. He now says my life is too organized for him to be with me, it is clear that he cannot date me but I can make a good friend since he decided to play safe fearing I would reject him if he had a candid conversation with me on what he wanted…..he has agreed to be relegated to the friends zone in my life.

#mensmindgames=mad fun for any gal as long as she doesn’t fall for them:-)

As long as you are in a happy place it doesn’t matter what he said…what matters is drawing the line and living your life as that is what counts at the end of the day after all is said and done.

Happy month :-).

The 10 Most Powerful Things That I Learnt in 2011:-).

Published January 12, 2012 by CarolineNgugi

It is my last day of my holiday in Mombasa and I sit on my bed waiting for dawn; the start of  my journey back to Nairobi which got me thinking what 2011 had to offer.

I have come from a family where I have been taught to be grateful at all moments despite adversity as the Lord is the giver of all and He knows what we go through at each moment thus never gives us a challenge bigger than our ability to conquer what comes our way. In 2011 I realized the importance of various things and I want to narrow my learnings to these 10 points:

  1. Your network = your net worth period; in this life no man is an island and whatever field of work you are in, you need a great network that can propel you in the right direction when you need a lead or canvassing in fast tracking a matter be it government, corporate sector or non-corporate sector. One can work hard but it is important to be smart and that is where one’s network comes in as you need to personally know someone or have someone who knows someone personally and can make the pitch on your behalf. For anyone to recommend you or make a pitch on your behalf they must be 100 % sure that you will deliver as their reputation is at stake which brings me to my next point; great personal branding. The most successful people in our society are not necessarily the biggest hard workers or those who got the best grades in schools but rather the smartest in making use of their networks to add their net worth. My personal experience in 2011 was that 75% of the results I achieved were through a combination of hard work, great personal branding and maximizing on my networks.
  2. What is your personal brand? One talks of organizations as brands that is why organizations invest heavily in brand management and will do anything to protect their brand. Hardly do many people think about what they want their personal brand to be and in return they don’t make any effort to depict vital characteristics of brands like consistency in what we say and do, how we present ourselves and how we emotionally connect with people and situations. The past one year has been one big lesson on importance of being true to myself and those that I work with and continuously improving my personal brand which comes in handy with creating meaningful work relations and social relations.
  3. Importance of mentorship; I learnt that one needs to keep sane at all times thus mentorship at work comes in handy as you need someone or people that can be you’re resounding board when you need to have a 2nd opinion yet you don’t talk to them daily and they have the right expertise to advice professionally and listen to you personally without judging you. I learnt so much from my formal and informal mentorship sessions with my resounding boards working in different fields offering diverse advice. At the end of the day a mentor will merely guide you and you make the final decision on a matter. From my personal experience I used to meet my mentors when I felt my mind was clouded by work situations that didn’t make sense or I just needed to vent my frustrations. It did help a lot as I would get a 2nd opinion from people that were older and much more experienced than I was and more often than not had been in a similar situation as I was in thus knew what would happen if I took a certain pathway. Being mentored was a value adding experience as I learnt from other peoples experiences thus making lesser or no mistakes on how I approached various situations and I got a wide array of knowledge on different matters which made me a smarter.
  4. Having trust in other human beings; I have always had the perspective that people are innately good. This belief from a work perspective and social perspective was greatly tested in 2011; I had one of the lowest moments work-wise in February. This was a big learning point of work related politics and how to handle overly opinionated people that live on the principle it is their way of the high way thus they are always right and you are always wrong if your point of view differs from theirs. In dealing with such people diplomacy works best as their feel you value their point of view and you are willing to go their way even though you won’t in the long run. One thing that stands out when office politics starts is that results don’t lie and if your fellow workmates believe in you based on how you treat them and how you execute your work despite what anyone may plan against you it will not succeed. This situation greatly humbled me and it was an eye opener unto people looking up to me and being so loyal beyond my expectations and made me regain confidence in people and didn’t end up crucifying the whole human race as rotten tomatoes but rather realized there are evil people and good people. A big thank you my former workmates and close friends for standing with me at the lowest of such moments and being pillars of strength.
  5. Striking a balance between work and play; we are no machines thus one needs to take time off to avoid burn out. It is very important to completely understand our bodies and respect nature such that when we experience burn out we take a break or create a routine in our lives that enables us to unwind and not experience burn out. Remember that even the best of machines do crush thus your body is no different. This lesson made me make a personal decision that unless it was a life and death matter I would never open the computer to work when I got home after work or during weekends; it is quite a good feeling not staring or typing on a computer screen. The moment that I best practiced this was during my December holiday where for over a month I did nothing work related though I had my computer and I just enjoyed my free time…take a holiday if you can…it is refreshing.
  6. When the going gets tough the tough gets going; I experienced the low moment as a leader where there were no tangible results at work after so much hard work and at times I got quite frustrated. The greatest lesson from this moment was patience, persistence and hard work does pay off as despite results not being timely always they came through as my team and I had had our part by working hard. At such moments it’s important to keep motivation high and always having ago getter attitude which makes things doable. It felt good when the results started being achieved and made me forget of the moments of adversity. My team and I also made it a habit of celebrating the little success we achieved which made it worthwhile waiting to achieve the big milestones.
  7. How we say things is what matters as opposed to what we say; I am a very blunt person and often got myself in trouble by how I said things and not what I said……then I learnt that what counts is how we say it period. This was a great learning about being diplomatic most of the times which projects to people that I really valued their point of view and was willing to concede though I had a different point of view on the matter. It is quite interesting how much you can achieve by being diplomatic as opposed to seeming otherwise. The logic of this is that we are dealing with human beings and they need to feel you care about what they think and say things to them with a human voice at their level. I am happy I learnt this early during the year and practicing it made me achieve immense success on how I sold my ideas to people and how I reacted to challenging situations that I faced at work and socially.
  8. Professional and social goal setting; project, reflect and review. It is said that if you don’t plan you plan to fail and that the best way to plan is writing down ones goals for there is enormous power in writing down what we want to achieve. Last year I was pretty much able to achieve 75% of the goals I had set out for myself as at the beginning of the year I wrote a bucket list of things I wanted to achieve professionally and socially. As the year progressed I kept reviewing my professionally goals and on this I was able to achieve almost all of them as I had consistent tracking on my goals broken down to quarterly, monthly and weekly achievements. On the other hand my social goals were not achieved at a higher percentage as I didn’t give them much priority as my professional goals and those that came to pass did haphazardly. I have seen the power of projecting, reflecting and reviewing and since it helps keep me on my toes on achieving what I set out to I plan to do the same over and over this year and give attention to my social goals.
  9. Appreciating the gift of family and friendship; I have learnt to take pride in family and friends for the continuous selfless love and care they have for me in all situations. I have promised myself not to take anyone or anything for granted. It makes me tear when I think of this as I was greatly humbled by my family and friends and acts of love when I needed them to most and I wouldn’t have made it through the year without their helping hand. I feel so blessed looking back at my friends and family’s unwavering support in my life. In this light I take time to be with family more and create time to be with friends that are quite close and are my second family. Family and friends bring contentment and warmth that no money or gold can buy thus it is important to treasure those close to us.
  10. Being good unto others, forgiving and positive. Some people take being good and forgiving as weakness and for the faint hearted, well; being good does pay as each good act you do comes back to you in one way or another. In our daily lives people keep annoying us in small and big ways and it’s very important to forgive since you will not carry any baggage of what each person did to you which will end up making you one grumpy person. Most of the people ask me if I stop smiling as I am always smiling well…it’s because I have learnt to forgive and forget the little and big things others do thus I carry no baggage and try to be the best in everything thus make the silliest of jokes at times. I have also learnt to keep a positive attitude as it shapes my thoughts as I can’t afford being negative as it is destructive. Last year there was a period where each moment in my work environment presented crises and situations that were unfathomable and I remember being calm in all situations trying to think through fast and the good part is all the situations were resolved. I can give credit to resolving such matters to a positive mind set and being a happy person which made my workmates find me approachable and seek my assistance.

I didn’t have a perfect year; I had an imperfect one full of challenges that made me breakdown coupled with happy moments that made me cry as I smiled. The good and the bad that was in 2011 was a profound way of learning making me grow professionally and personally and for this I am greatful to God and ready to start my 2012 with a BHANG!!

Will you be there?

Published November 17, 2011 by CarolineNgugi

My life has had a lot of external influences that have made me a better person as I have been constantly challenged positively by the people whom I have worked with or interacted with socially. Lately I have been reflecting on what I have been able to done so far in my life and how I have influenced the people around me through my experiences. I hope this note will make you reflect on your own life and enable you see matters in a different or better perspective.

We hardly meet inspiring people in every-day life but the moments we do we hear them tell stories of courage, heroism and determination to thrive against all odds……I wonder come 20 years from today will there be other such great people or will my friends and I be there to share such inspiring stories?

At times we feel like our feet are too feeble for us to stand by ourselves and we are too afraid to face the next big challenge in our lives, at such a moment will you be there to inspire and make a difference in someone’s life?

We always talk about impact; what we do and changing our lives and the lives of those around us every-day, will you be there to make the world a better place through the small things you do on a daily basis?

When the road seems bumpy and undefined, will you be there ready to take up the mantle of leadership and lead the rest of the team to a defined plan that you envision?

Will you be there to share your ideas and dreams even if your team barely thinks they are achievable? Have the confidence to stand tall and be among the few that believe they have brilliant ideas, hold on to those beliefs with the dream that one day they shall come to pass?

Will you be there to always guide and lead the young ones to achieve their dreams as you surely think and believe that they will some-day succeed and offer advice to others?

Will you be there to pursue your dreams and have the mind of an ignorant baby that does not know of the existence of the word IMPOSSIBLE and instead perceive matters as POSSIBILITIES that can be fixed?

If you truly have the conviction that you will be there; the journey to the future begins this moment and every minute and action consciously or unconsciously taken up counts!!!!


Initially written September 1, 2009 and published as a Facebook note on my page; I found it again today & I am happy to share the same thoughts and moreover been able to practice what I believed in two years ago :-).


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